Reasons For Foundation Leveling

Leveling the foundation of your home keeps your family safe, increases your home’s curb appeal, prevents costly structural damage and gets rid of small inconveniences caused by an uneven foundation.

Without leveling the foundation of your home, the floors may begin to sag, become noticeably uneven or sink into the ground. When you notice these changes occuring in your home, it’s time to bring in the experts.

So, why is your foundation sinking? Common causes include intrusive tree roots, leaky exterior pipes, bad soil underneath your home and structural damage from when your home was built. All of these issues should be addressed by a professional so that the uneven foundation doesn’t create further damage.

When an uneven foundation is left alone, other problems begin to occur throughout your home. Small inconveniences such as windows not shutting properly and doors not opening correctly emerge, signaling a need for foundation leveling. 

Leveling the foundation of your home fixes these problems, by stabilizing the sinking or uneven portions of your home’s foundation. This stabilization is done through the insertion of steel piers into the soil beneath your house.

From the safety of your family to your home’s curb appeal to the prevention of costly structural damage — the reasons to level your foundation remain endless.

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