Construction Bracketing System

For each unique construction design, Innovative Pier Solutions has various forms of brackets available. A deck bracket allows for fast installation, using no concrete or welding during its application process. Deck brackets remain adjustable after installation, allowing for builders to change construction design after the addition of the brackets.

Our patented, high-quality new construction bracket play a vital role in supporting the structural integrity of your building. Created out of steel or aluminum, these powerful and long-lasting brackets work together with the pier and the cross lock connections to balance the weight of the structure evenly across the load-bearing platform.

Tru-Lift Bracket is lightweight, easy to install, and is movement free. The Tru-Lift bracket is made from the highest quality of steel and is designed to last. It is use for house or porch stabilization and lifting if able.

A porch bracket helps repair the foundation of the porch after instances of poor drainage or soil compaction has lead it to settle. The bracket combines with a helical pier to create a stable surface for the porch to rest on, mending damages that occurred previously.

A tilt-up bracket stabilizes the wall of the building, bolting to the anchor and allowing for walls to be lifted upwards and set into place during construction. This form of bracket minimizes the damage done to soil during construction, granting reuse during subsequent projects. A tilt-up bracket has the highest load bearing capacity, making it perfect for development projects.

Using our bracketing system guarantees a safer installation and a stronger foundation.

New Bracket Technology

The easiest method for installing 6 X 6 posts for your deck, addition or shed has arrived! Hit the mark every time with our fully adjustable one-of-a-kind bracket for fast, efficient and precise installation. No need for excavating, concrete cookies, columns nor any wood below grade!

Avoid measurement mistakes with our bracket that swivels and adjusts to all angles. With our precise cutoff tool your elevation will be perfect as well. We drill the helical piers in the location desired to a specific torque below frost level. We then install the bracket and you are ready to build. Send us your plans for a free estimate.

For more information on brackets from the experts at Innovative Pier Solutions, please contact us here or call us directly at 616.304.3727.

Adjustable Bracket
PXL_Adjustable Bracket

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