Case Studies

case study 1

  • Back right corner of a house in Wyoming settled over a ten year period
  • Customer had a soil boring done and they determined that house was built on poor soil.
  • Solid soil was determined to be 30 plus feet down.
  • Innovative Pier Solutions installed 5 Helical Piers with tru-lift brackets to go under the existing footing to support the wall down to solid soil.
  • Able to raise house a little and stabilize house from future settling issues.
  • After finished we reinstalled drainage tile and graded site to previous condition

case study 2

  • Solarium in Spring Lake determined to be settling
  • Installed 5 Helical Piers down to a depth of 20 – 25 ft to achieve desired torque to support the structure from future settling problems.
  • During the process we had to work around trees and existing structures/ wires in very tight conditions to finish the job.
  • We then backfilled and regraded area to original.

case study 3

  • Customer in East Grand Rapids wanted an addition off the back of their house
  • Initial site observation determined that a standard foundation would not work due to water table and soil conditions.
  • Had a soil boring done and determined that solid soil to build off from was 25 – 35 down.
  • Soils and Structures engineered a plan that showed us bearing points and where and how many Piers needed to be installed.
  • Innovative Pier Solutions installed 19 Helical Piers sized 12″ 14” 16that varied in depth from 25 – 34 ft down per specs.
  • All Piers are individually electronically recorded and a report is sent to the builder and engineer to show that we achieved the torque rating that was required.
  • All piers are cut off to the desired height and a structure cap is installed that will bear the weight of the structure.
  • A grade beam with rod would then be installed over our caps that would serve as the base for the new structure.
  • Even on a wet, muddy site we strive to leave the site as level and clean as possible.
  • Innovative Pier Solutions was on schedule and installed, cut and capped these piers in 1/2 days.

case study 4

  • Local High School needed a deck installed out over a pond for a future outdoor classroom.
  • Innovative Pier Solutions installed 4 Helical Piers at a depth of 14′ and a torque rating that will hold 20,000 pounds per pier.
  • We capped off the piers with a custom-made cap where the customer can run double 2 x 12 and be ready to build the future deck immediately.
  • Even in a pond we can drill down for a deck support and have the customer ready to build that deck in a day.
  • No mess, no concrete and guaranteed support for the deck.

case study 5

  • Back Corner of house was sinking
  • House was on auction, but everyone was scared off due to the fact that the house was settling
  • Customer contacted Foundation Solutions who contacted us to help with the lift process.
  • The house was being gutted for a total rehab so they jacked up and supported the house.
  • We installed 7  each 8″ x 10″ Helical Piers to a depth of 21′ to 35′ to achieved desired torque for stabilization and lifting.
  • We added Tru Lift brackets to our Helical Piers and raised the house 1 1/2″ to 2″ so that the rear corner is now level and stable.

case study 6

  • Customer has development in Whitehall on White Lake
  • Soil Boring’s determined that solid soil to build off from was 40 – 45 ft. down.
  • Soils and Structures engineered a plan that showed us bearing points and the amount of piers needed to support the house.
  • Innovative Pier Solutions installed 47 Piers that varied in depth from 38 – 45 ft. down.
  • All Piers are individually electronically recorded and a report is then sent to the builder and engineer to show that the torque rating was achieved.
  • All piers are cut off to the specific elevation required and a structure cap in then installed that will bear the weight of the new house.
  • A footing is then installed over the bearing caps and a foundation is then installed on top of that.
  • Innovative Pier Solutions then leaves the site level and as clean as possible.
  • Innovative Pier Solutions was on schedule and installed these piers in two days.

case study 7

  • Customer had a difficult site in the woods but wanted a utility shed out of site.
  • Minimal access to site, no problem for Innovative Piers
  •  Achieved desired torque within 14 Ft.
  • Installed 4 Helical Piers with Saddle Brackets placed on top of Helical Pier
  • Immediately ready for shed to be placed
  • Quick, easy and ready to go within 3 hours of arriving on site.

case study 8

  • Customer was concerned that the sonotube that was placed would settle over time and not support the steel beam walkway from the main house to the dune.
  • Innovative Pier solutions was contacted to access load bearing and find a solution to enhance the existing sonotube to insure that it would support the steel beam walkway.
  • We installed a 8″- 10″-12″ Helix Pier next to the existing sonotube.
  • We drilled the Helix down 14′ – 21′ to achieve a desired torque rating to help partially bear the weight of the walkway.
  • We then put a new construction cap on top of the pier.
  • We drilled reinforcing rod with epoxy into existing sonotube.
  • Our Helical Pier was directly under the reinforced rod cage.
  • We added a new sonotube on the side of existing and filled it with concrete to help redistribute partial weight of the walkway to our Helical Pier.
  • Customer was able to rest assured that settling would not be an issue for the walkway and continue construction.

case study 9

  • Customer had a 30 ft. tall bank in the back of house and wanted additional support for the long rear wall in Newaygo
  • Engineer designed Helical Piers to be drilled in horizontally to the bank at a minimum depth of 25 ft. We ended up driving them on an average of 30 – 35 ft
  • Innovative Piers drilled 6 Piers with a minimum tension load of 20,000 lbs and an average torque of 3500, which is 35,000 lbs
  • We drilled through the wall and then placed a 8 x 8 flat stock on the inside which was attached to the pier with a 2″ threaded bar and tightened the tension
  • These Piers will help to make sure the wall stays straight and true with no bowing.
  • Innovative Piers installed these piers within 5 hours of arriving on site

case study 10

  • Local site for a commercial building that was known to have fill dirt and broken concrete below the surface.
  • Soil borings were done and stable soil was found to be between 18′ – 25′ below the surface.
  • Engineers designed the plan to include 7 ft long 10″ X 12″ Helix Leads and 10 ft long 12″ X 14″ X 16″ Helix Leads based on the building’s load bearing.
  • It was a large commercial building where 163 Helical Piers were driven to the determined depth.
  • Innovative Piers was contracted to drive the Piers.
  • Even though the weather did not cooperate, we finished the job in 3 1/2 – 4 days.
  • As you can see from the pictures, the job site was left clean from debris and level.
  • From small jobs to large, Innovative Piers has you covered. Rain or shine, we will get the job done.

case study 11

  • Homeowner had an old wall that was settling and cracked. He did not want to replace the wall due to costs so he contacted us to solve his problem.
  • We decided to install 5 Helical Piers to stabilize existing structure that was settling.
  • We dug down to the bottom of the existing wall which was 2′ below grade with no footing.
  • Innovative Piers installed 5 Helical Piers at an average depth of 20 ft. to achieve the required torque to stabilize and lift the structure about 2″.
  • We then backfilled to the desired grade.
  • Call Innovative Pier Solutions if you are having Foundation Settling problems.

case study 12

  • Customer’s pole barn was settling on the South and South West corners.
  • After a site visit, it was determined that Helical Piers with Tru lift Brackets were needed to stabilize and lift the affected areas.
  • Innovative Piers dug out the area and ran into saturated black dirt and tree roots. The soil underneath that area was not stable enough to support the structure.
  • We installed 4 Helical Piers at an average depth of 25 ft. to achieve the required torque for stabilization.
  • Then, we installed Tru lIft Brackets on the Piers to raise the pole barn and stabilize the structure.
  • Innovative Piers then backfilled the area and leveled it off to the previous grade.
  • Once again,  Innovative Piers was able to stop an existing structure from settling and make a customer happy knowing that his pole barn was structurally sound.

case study 13

  • Innovative Piers was contacted for this house on Spring Lake that was settling on the back Right side and Rear.
  • We Accessed the Issue and decided to add 5 Helical Piers to the area that was affected.
  • We determined that 5 Helical Piers should be installed to an ultimate capacity of 50 kips to stabilize that area of the house.
  • The area we were working in was very tight and tough to access.
  • The customer removed a small tree and we removed the existing steps and deck to access the area.
  • We installed 5 Helical Piers with Tru Lift Brackets that were placed under the Footing to stabilize against further sinking.
  • As shown in the photos, we returned the site to the original grade.
  • Contact Innovative Piers for your next settling Foundation even in tight sites.

case study 14

  • Innovative Piers was contacted by a customer with concerns about his house settling.
  • We did a site visit and determined that Tru – Lift piers would be needed to possibly lift and stabilize the existing house.
  • We laid out the pier for installs 2 ft. off the corners and then placed them about 6 ft. apart.
  • The piers were driven down aprox 20 ft. to a torque rating of around 3,500 – 4,000 to support the house.
  • 7 Piers with 8″ X 10″ Helix leads were installed to achieve the desired torque.
  • Innovative Piers excavated, drove piers and attached our tru-lift brackets all within 7 hours of arriving on site.
  • We then backfilled and regraded the site leaving it ready to be seeded and the sidewalk to be replaced.
  • Contact Innovative Pier Solutions if you are having Foundation Settling Issues.

case study 15

  • Innovative Piers was contacted by a client that needed a quick turnaround for an estimate and for an install with a job site that turned out to have bad soil and could not be built on with standard building practices.
  • It was determined by an Engineer that the site needed 41 Helix Piers with 8″ X 10″ X 12″ Helix Leads installed to a depth of 35 – 40 to support the new construction.
  • The Engineer gave us the required torque needed to support the House.
  • We ordered the Piers and started the install within 2 weeks.
  • We installed all 41 Piers, cleaned up the site and were done within 2 days.
  • Contact Innovative Piers if you have a site that needs a solution to bad soil.

case study 16

  • Customer wanted to build multiple cabins in the woods for a local campground.
  • The site would be a challenge for any other type of foundation.
  • Installing Helical Piers was a logical option.
  • They contacted Innovative Piers with specific specs and bearing loads that were needed.
  • They accepted our bid and we proceeded to order the piers and get them scheduled.
  • We installed 11 piers per building at a determined elevation that was set by the builder.
  • All piers were installed per the required loads that were needed for bearing.
  • No excavation /soil disruption was needed and we were able to install 3 buildings with 11 piers each in one day.
  • We installed an 8 X 8 New Construction cap on top of our piers so they would be able to set their steel beams directly on top.
  • The customer was able to start construction of the cabins the next day.
  • We were able to give the customer a discount for doing multiple cabins at one time.
  • Contact Innovative Pier Solutions for any type of job.

case study 17

  • Customer had a difficult site overlooking a small creek where he wanted to add on to an existing deck.
  • The ground was quite spongy and unable to bear the weight of the deck building it in a standard way.
  • They contacted Innovative Pier Solutions to meet and determine a solution.
  • We decided to install 8″ X 10″ Helix Leads to a depth needed to achieve the required torque.
  • The Majority of the 13 Piers that were needed had to go to a depth of 14′ to achieve the needed torque.
  • We capped off the piers with a custom saddle bracket to accommodate the posts he needed.
  • All Piers were installed in less than one day and were immediately loadable.
  • Builder was able to start installing the deck the next day.
  • Eco Friendly installation with no excavating or concrete needed.
  • Contact Innovative Pier Solutions for your next deck project where you are dealing with either a tough location, poor soil or just want a quicker non – invasive install.

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