Tie back Support / Unique Projects

case study 1

  • Customer had a 30 ft. tall bank in the back of house and wanted additional support for the long rear wall in Newaygo
  • Engineer designed Helical Piers to be drilled in horizontally to the bank at a minimum depth of 25 ft. We ended up driving them on an average of 30 – 35 ft
  • Innovative Piers drilled 6 Piers with a minimum tension load of 20,000 lbs and an average torque of 3500, which is 35,000 lbs
  • We drilled through the wall and then placed a 8 x 8 flat stock on the inside which was attached to the pier with a 2″ threaded bar and tightened the tension
  • These Piers will help to make sure the wall stays straight and true with no bowing.
  • Innovative Piers installed these piers within 5 hours of arriving on site

case study 2

  • Customer contacted Innovative Pier Solutions with a unique project:
  • Customer had a crawl space that the homeowner wanted to excavate under and create a wine cellar.
  • They needed the crawl space supported while they sucked the sand out from under the space.
  • Innovative Pier Solutions dug down to the bottom of the existing footing.
  • We drilled down Helical Piers to a required torque and depth.
  • We installed our Tru- Lift Brackets under the existing footing to support the structure.
  • Customer will now be able to remove the sand, install a footing and block up to the existing structure to create a room underneath knowing that the house is sufficiently supported.
  • Contact Innovative Pier Solutions for your next unique project.

case study 3

  • Customer Had a salt bin that was failing and needed additional support.
  • Innovative Pier Solutions installed 4 Helical Piers at a 45 degree angle away from the existing salt bin.
  • We installed them with a required torque to apply and support the structure.
  • We installed top brackets which the customer will attach his steel to and then attach to the salt bin to support the side walls.
  • Contact Innovative Pier Solutions! There are multiple uses for our Helical Piers

case study 4

  • Customer wanted a boardwalk through a wetland
  • Innovative Pier Solutions installed Helical Piers per customer specs.
  • We drove the piers 7 ft. deep and achieved required torque.
  • We installed a 4 x 6 Saddle Bracket on the Helical Pier.
  • Piers were immediately loadable.
  • Eco Friendly install/ No Excavation / Quick and easy

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