When You Need To Install A Piering System

helical pier stands above a body of water or unsteady ground. It holds up structures double its quantity in height and weight, all while leaving the foundation underneath unmoved. When deciding if your structure needs a pier for support, there are a few crucial details to consider.

Piers work for many different structures, including:

    • Residential Homes: Piers should be used in residential housing when the structure sits atop a plot of soil that continually moves in motion. The ground beneath the home constantly expands and contracts with the introduction of water and with the abundance of heat that follows. This soil movement creates cracks in the structures foundation if not held up by piers.
    • Decks: Searching for a quicker alternative to install your next deck? Helical Piers set well below frost level and are quick and easy to install. When considering placing a deck up on a pier, consider the overall weight of the structure and the soil conditions of the environment surrounding the area.
    • Commercial Structures: Commercial structures require piers when the ground beneath your future building remains unstable. Unstableness is caused by the soil type within the environment on which your structure will be built.

Setting a structure up on a pier adds to the natural landscape of your urban environment. Piers protect the ground, while maintaining the integrity and strength of your building.

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