House Stabilize/Lift

case study 1

  • Back right corner of a house in Wyoming settled over a ten year period
  • Customer had a soil boring done and they determined that house was built on poor soil.
  • Solid soil was determined to be 30 plus feet down.
  • Innovative Pier Solutions installed 5 Helical Piers with tru-lift brackets to go under the existing footing to support the wall down to solid soil.
  • Able to raise house a little and stabilize house from future settling issues.
  • After finished we reinstalled drainage tile and graded site to previous condition

case study 2

  • Solarium in Spring Lake determined to be settling
  • Installed 5 Helical Piers down to a depth of 20 – 25 ft to achieve desired torque to support the structure from future settling problems.
  • During the process we had to work around trees and existing structures/ wires in very tight conditions to finish the job.
  • We then backfilled and regraded area to original.

case study 3

  • Back Corner of house was sinking
  • House was on auction, but everyone was scared off due to the fact that the house was settling
  • Customer contacted Foundation Solutions who contacted us to help with the lift process.
  • The house was being gutted for a total rehab so they jacked up and supported the house.
  • We installed 7  each 8″ x 10″ Helical Piers to a depth of 21′ to 35′ to achieved desired torque for stabilization and lifting.
  • We added Tru Lift brackets to our Helical Piers and raised the house 1 1/2″ to 2″ so that the rear corner is now level and stable.

case study 4

  • Homeowner had an old wall that was settling and cracked. He did not want to replace the wall due to costs so he contacted us to solve his problem.
  • We decided to install 5 Helical Piers to stabilize existing structure that was settling.
  • We dug down to the bottom of the existing wall which was 2′ below grade with no footing.
  • Innovative Piers installed 5 Helical Piers at an average depth of 20 ft. to achieve the required torque to stabilize and lift the structure about 2″.
  • We then backfilled to the desired grade.
  • Call Innovative Pier Solutions if you are having Foundation Settling problems.

case study 5

  • Customer’s pole barn was settling on the South and South West corners.
  • After a site visit, it was determined that Helical Piers with Tru lift Brackets were needed to stabilize and lift the affected areas.
  • Innovative Piers dug out the area and ran into saturated black dirt and tree roots. The soil underneath that area was not stable enough to support the structure.
  • We installed 4 Helical Piers at an average depth of 25 ft. to achieve the required torque for stabilization.
  • Then, we installed Tru lIft Brackets on the Piers to raise the pole barn and stabilize the structure.
  • Innovative Piers then backfilled the area and leveled it off to the previous grade.
  • Once again,  Innovative Piers was able to stop an existing structure from settling and make a customer happy knowing that his pole barn was structurally sound.

case study 6

  • Innovative Piers was contacted for this house on Spring Lake that was settling on the back Right side and Rear.
  • We Accessed the Issue and decided to add 5 Helical Piers to the area that was affected.
  • We determined that 5 Helical Piers should be installed to an ultimate capacity of 50 kips to stabilize that area of the house.
  • The area we were working in was very tight and tough to access.
  • The customer removed a small tree and we removed the existing steps and deck to access the area.
  • We installed 5 Helical Piers with Tru Lift Brackets that were placed under the Footing to stabilize against further sinking.
  • As shown in the photos, we returned the site to the original grade.
  • Contact Innovative Piers for your next settling Foundation even in tight sites.

case study 7

  • Innovative Piers was contacted by a customer with concerns about his house settling.
  • We did a site visit and determined that Tru – Lift piers would be needed to possibly lift and stabilize the existing house.
  • We laid out the pier for installs 2 ft. off the corners and then placed them about 6 ft. apart.
  • The piers were driven down aprox 20 ft. to a torque rating of around 3,500 – 4,000 to support the house.
  • 7 Piers with 8″ X 10″ Helix leads were installed to achieve the desired torque.
  • Innovative Piers excavated, drove piers and attached our tru-lift brackets all within 7 hours of arriving on site.
  • We then backfilled and regraded the site leaving it ready to be seeded and the sidewalk to be replaced.
  • Contact Innovative Pier Solutions if you are having Foundation Settling Issues.

case study 8

  • Builder had a customer who bought a house where the side sunroom was settling:
  • Builder contacted Innovative Pier Solutions for advise
  • We visited the site and determined that Helical Piers with lift brackets would be a good solution
  • We dug up the exterior down to the frost wall
  • Innovative Pier Solutions installed Helical Piers around the sunroom to a targeted torque
  • We then used our Tru Lift Brackets to raise and stabilize the structure
  • After install we then backfill and grade to original leaving a clean jobsite
  • Total time on jobsite was 6 hours.
  • Contact Innovative Pier Solutions for your house settling problems.

case study 9

  • Customer Has a house on a lake up North that has some issues. He also wanted to put an addition off the back of the house which required a frost wall up against the existing house. In order to add the addition he had to support the existing foundation which was set on Concrete Pillars that were settling.
  • Innovative Pier Solutions accessed the situation and determined that The Tru Lift Brackets should be installed under the existing Pillars.
  • We installed Piers under each column and leveled off the area that was settling.
  • The Piers were installed to 60 kips in order to support the existing structure.
  • We also installed 2 Piers where the new construction would connect to the existing house for additional support.
  • The Piers were installed to a depth of 18 to 21 ft. to achieve required torque.
  • We were dealing with the water table while drilling the piers which made installing a challenge, but certainly did not affect the quality of the piers due to drilling down to a depth that would support the structure.
  • The customer can rest assured that his house is stabilized against any further settling.
  • Contact Innovative Pier Solutions for your next challenging project.

case study 10

  • Customer was in the process of renovating a house when they noticed that the main fireplace in the Great Room was settling.
  • Innovative Piers did a site visit to determine how many piers were needed and what the access to the site would be like.
  • We decided on two piers to support the fireplace from any future settling.
  • We installed two piers and were able to get a lift of about an 1- 1/2″. Our goal is always to lift, but we guarantee that we will Stabilize the structure from any future settling.
  • We always try to return the site back to original as you can see from the pictures.
  • Contact Innovative Pier Solutions if you see your Foundation settling.

case study 11

  • Customer Purchased an older Commercial Building in Grand Haven.
  • After Engineers looked at the existing foundation they determined that certain sections of the Existing structure needed additional support to.
  • Innovative Pier Solutions was given the specs that we needed to install Helical Piers. We added support brackets to give areas of the Building additional bearing so they could renovate and build off of the existing structure.
  • Contact Innovative Pier Solutions for any of your Helical Pier needs.

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