New Construction

case study 1

  • Customer in East Grand Rapids wanted an addition off the back of their house
  • Initial site observation determined that a standard foundation would not work due to water table and soil conditions.
  • Had a soil boring done and determined that solid soil to build off from was 25 – 35 down.
  • Soils and Structures engineered a plan that showed us bearing points and where and how many Piers needed to be installed.
  • Innovative Pier Solutions installed 19 Helical Piers sized 12″ 14” 16that varied in depth from 25 – 34 ft down per specs.
  • All Piers are individually electronically recorded and a report is sent to the builder and engineer to show that we achieved the torque rating that was required.
  • All piers are cut off to the desired height and a structure cap is installed that will bear the weight of the structure.
  • A grade beam with rod would then be installed over our caps that would serve as the base for the new structure.
  • Even on a wet, muddy site we strive to leave the site as level and clean as possible.
  • Innovative Pier Solutions was on schedule and installed, cut and capped these piers in 1/2 days.

case study 2

  • Customer has development in Whitehall on White Lake
  • Soil Boring’s determined that solid soil to build off from was 40 – 45 ft. down.
  • Soils and Structures engineered a plan that showed us bearing points and the amount of piers needed to support the house.
  • Innovative Pier Solutions installed 47 Piers that varied in depth from 38 – 45 ft. down.
  • All Piers are individually electronically recorded and a report is then sent to the builder and engineer to show that the torque rating was achieved.
  • All piers are cut off to the specific elevation required and a structure cap in then installed that will bear the weight of the new house.
  • A footing is then installed over the bearing caps and a foundation is then installed on top of that.
  • Innovative Pier Solutions then leaves the site level and as clean as possible.
  • Innovative Pier Solutions was on schedule and installed these piers in two days.

case study 3

  • Local site for a commercial building that was known to have fill dirt and broken concrete below the surface.
  • Soil borings were done and stable soil was found to be between 18′ – 25′ below the surface.
  • Engineers designed the plan to include 7 ft long 10″ X 12″ Helix Leads and 10 ft long 12″ X 14″ X 16″ Helix Leads based on the building’s load bearing.
  • It was a large commercial building where 163 Helical Piers were driven to the determined depth.
  • Innovative Piers was contracted to drive the Piers.
  • Even though the weather did not cooperate, we finished the job in 3 1/2 – 4 days.
  • As you can see from the pictures, the job site was left clean from debris and level.
  • From small jobs to large, Innovative Piers has you covered. Rain or shine, we will get the job done.

case study 4

  • Innovative Piers was contacted by a client that needed a quick turnaround for an estimate and for an install with a job site that turned out to have bad soil and could not be built on with standard building practices.
  • It was determined by an Engineer that the site needed 41 Helix Piers with 8″ X 10″ X 12″ Helix Leads installed to a depth of 35 – 40 to support the new construction.
  • The Engineer gave us the required torque needed to support the House.
  • We ordered the Piers and started the install within 2 weeks.
  • We installed all 41 Piers, cleaned up the site and were done within 2 days.
  • Contact Innovative Piers if you have a site that needs a solution to bad soil.

case study 5

  • Customers determined that this lakefront site had compromised soil!
  • Soil Testing was done and it was determined that this property showed layers of organic matter.
  • Customer contacted Innovative Pier Solutions for a quote after prints were drawn up by an Engineer that determined the size of The Helix Leads and what torque was needed to install them along with an average depth that would be needed.
  • The Engineer also laid out the pier locations on the plan.
  • After accepting our quote Innovative Piers ordered the material.
  • Once material was shipped and ready, the surveyor staked each individual pier location and we started to install.
  • It was determined that 67 piers were needed for this project and we were able to install them in 3 days.
  • Piers were drilled through the compromised soil to a sturdy base for the foundation to sit on.
  • We then sent our computer pier readouts to the builder for his records.
  • As you can see from the pictures the jobsite was left in a pristine state.
  • Building Science has come a long way!
  • Contact Innovative Pier Solutions for your next compromised building site.

case study 6

  • After a soil boring was done, the customer’s site had compromised soil to a depth of 28 – 32 ft.
  • Innovative Piers was contacted to install Helical Piers
  • The Engineer’s design had 8″ X 10″ x 12″ Triple Helix Leads figured for install
  • The Engineer also sets the required torque which we input into our Pier head computer.
  • The surveyor stakes out the individual piers on site and we install our piers accordingly.
  • The site had water table issues which we battled throughout the install.
  • We drove 79 Piers in muddy conditions in 4 days time.
  • The average depth of the piers was 26 ft.
  • Innovative Piers can handle the larger jobs even in muddy, wet conditions. Call us for your next project

case study 7

  • Customer has a project on Muskegon Lake that soil borings showed had compromised soil.
  • A Foundation built on an Engineered Helical Pier System was recommended.
  • Innovative Pier Solutions was contacted for a quote and we secured the project.
  • Builder decided to build 3 buildings at the same time to save costs.
  • Piers were installed to an average depth of 30′ and a torque of 7500
  • 40 Piers per Building / Three Buildings were installed in a 1 -1/2 weeks.
  • We recommended a wall and flatwork crew to the Builder who followed us up with a grade beam, and full mono slab poured for each Building.
  • With many years in The Construction Business we have many contacts that we can recommend to help you finish your project on time.
  • These Piers were installed in the adverse weather which did not slow the process.
  • Contact Innovative Pier Solutions if you have a project with Compromised soil and in need of Helical Piers to support your Foundation.

case study 8

  • Builder tore down an old cottage that was settling on the existing property.
  • Builder did some core drilling on site to determine the soil conditions and what was needed to support the new home construction.
  • Soil reports determined that Helical Piers would be needed at a depth of 35 ft.+ to support the new structure.
  • It ended up to be a wet, muddy site after excavation, but we were still able to move our equipment around and install the piers.
  • We ended up having to go deeper than they expected to achieve the required torque to support the new house.
  • The size of the Helical Piers and the Torque requirements are always set by The Engineer who designed the pier layout.
  • The Torque is monitored on a digital tablet in the cab and is sent to the Builder/ Homeowner after install for their records. The reports are also sent to the Building inspector to show that what was installed is according to what is required.

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