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case study 1

  • Local High School needed a deck installed out over a pond for a future outdoor classroom.
  • Innovative Pier Solutions installed 4 Helical Piers at a depth of 14′ and a torque rating that will hold 20,000 pounds per pier.
  • We capped off the piers with a custom-made cap where the customer can run double 2 x 12 and be ready to build the future deck immediately.
  • Even in a pond we can drill down for a deck support and have the customer ready to build that deck in a day.
  • No mess, no concrete and guaranteed support for the deck.

case study 2

  • Customer had a difficult site in the woods but wanted a utility shed out of site.
  • Minimal access to site, no problem for Innovative Piers
  •  Achieved desired torque within 14 Ft.
  • Installed 4 Helical Piers with Saddle Brackets placed on top of Helical Pier
  • Immediately ready for shed to be placed
  • Quick, easy and ready to go within 3 hours of arriving on site.

case study 3

  • Customer was concerned that the sonotube that was placed would settle over time and not support the steel beam walkway from the main house to the dune.
  • Innovative Pier solutions was contacted to access load bearing and find a solution to enhance the existing sonotube to insure that it would support the steel beam walkway.
  • We installed a 8″- 10″-12″ Helix Pier next to the existing sonotube.
  • We drilled the Helix down 14′ – 21′ to achieve a desired torque rating to help partially bear the weight of the walkway.
  • We then put a new construction cap on top of the pier.
  • We drilled reinforcing rod with epoxy into existing sonotube.
  • Our Helical Pier was directly under the reinforced rod cage.
  • We added a new sonotube on the side of existing and filled it with concrete to help redistribute partial weight of the walkway to our Helical Pier.
  • Customer was able to rest assured that settling would not be an issue for the walkway and continue construction.

case study 4

  • Customer wanted to build multiple cabins in the woods for a local campground.
  • The site would be a challenge for any other type of foundation.
  • Installing Helical Piers was a logical option.
  • They contacted Innovative Piers with specific specs and bearing loads that were needed.
  • They accepted our bid and we proceeded to order the piers and get them scheduled.
  • We installed 11 piers per building at a determined elevation that was set by the builder.
  • All piers were installed per the required loads that were needed for bearing.
  • No excavation /soil disruption was needed and we were able to install 3 buildings with 11 piers each in one day.
  • We installed an 8 X 8 New Construction cap on top of our piers so they would be able to set their steel beams directly on top.
  • The customer was able to start construction of the cabins the next day.
  • We were able to give the customer a discount for doing multiple cabins at one time.
  • Contact Innovative Pier Solutions for any type of job.

case study 5

  • Customer had a difficult site overlooking a small creek where he wanted to add on to an existing deck.
  • The ground was quite spongy and unable to bear the weight of the deck building it in a standard way.
  • They contacted Innovative Pier Solutions to meet and determine a solution.
  • We decided to install 8″ X 10″ Helix Leads to a depth needed to achieve the required torque.
  • The Majority of the 13 Piers that were needed had to go to a depth of 14′ to achieve the needed torque.
  • We capped off the piers with a custom saddle bracket to accommodate the posts he needed.
  • All Piers were installed in less than one day and were immediately loadable.
  • Builder was able to start installing the deck the next day.
  • Eco Friendly installation with no excavating or concrete needed.
  • Contact Innovative Pier Solutions for your next deck project where you are dealing with either a tough location, poor soil or just want a quicker non – invasive install.

case study 6

  • Customer Contacted Innovative Piers in need of support for a Pergola in the backyard:
  • It was a very tight sight with limited access.
  • It had to be installed in an existing patio to eliminate having to tear up the patio.
  • It had to be installed to a depth that would support the Perola Structure.
  • Helical Piers were the perfect option with the existing conditions.
  • Two circular holes were drilled in the patio in order to install the piers.
  • Innovative Piers installed Two Helical Piers with 8″ X 10″ leads.
  • Required torque was achieved at 14 ft.
  • Drilling the piers we had very little torque until we reached the 12 ft. mark. Digging down and installing a concrete pier would not be practical because of the depth and the location of the piers that were needed to support the Pergola.
  • The builder was planning on pouring on top of our pier so we installed a 6″ X 6″ flat cap for support.
  • Innovative Pier Solutions arrived on site, installed the piers and left very little yard damage, all within 3 hours.
  • The piers were immediately loadable and eco friendly.
    Contact Innovative Pier Solutions for your next project.

case study 7

  • Customer contacted Innovative Piers for a lakefront home that they wanted to add an addition too.
  • Jobsite was tight with limited access.
  • The Builder could not dig down for a typical concrete frost wall due to water level.
  • The Builder also wanted an eco-friendly solution without having to dig down, pump out water and pour a concrete column.
  • Builder contacted Innovative Piers to install Helical Piers for support. They told us the weight of the addition so we could install our piers to the proper torque.
  • We installed 4 Helical Piers with saddle brackets.
  • The Piers were immediately loadable and very little yard damage was done.
  • Total time on the jobsite was 3 hours.
  • Fast and efficient solution to a lakeside project.
  • Contact Innovative Pier Solutions!

case study 8

  • Customer wanted to install a covered porch in his backyard without excavation, and without messing up his yard.
  • Innovative Pier Solutions used it’s new machine for installing in small tight conditions.
  • The Customer gave us the working loads needed and we installed 2 Helical Piers to a torque of 3,500 which would easily handle the weight of the project.
  • No Excavation was needed and we installed them without tearing up the backyard.
  • The Builder gave us the location and the elevation needed for installation.
  • Innovative Pier Solutions installed them in a couple of hours and they were immediately ready to build on.
  • Contact Innovative Pier Solutions for your project.
  • Big or Small, We do it all!!!

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